Our Church Board is composed of 9 church members elected by a majority vote of the members of the church. They are elected for a three-year term, with one-third rotating off each year. Our Church Board members can serve two consecutive terms before taking a one-year absence from the board.
Our board also has 3 auxiliary members that are elected annually by their respective constituents. Our Missions President, Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries President, and our Youth Ministry President are each elected annually to serve a one-year term. There is no term limit on their service.

Our Church Board meets once a month to handle the business matters of our church and set the vision of our church. Our board is divided into three teams: Ministry Team, Facilities Team, and Finance Team. Each team meets prior to board meetings and can have non-church board members on their team that are leaders of different areas of ministry within our church.

God has blessed our church with many fantastic lay leaders! Please keep all of our board members and leaders in your prayers as they conduct church business through the leading of the Holy Spirit.