Jesus used stories to teach people about themselves - who they were and who they ought to be. They spoke to the people then, and they continue to speak to us today. These stories - or "parables" as we call them - are cast along side our lives and tease us out of our comfort zones and call us to become more than who we currently are. They dig deep into our lives and souls and challange everything about us - they challenge our assumptions, our beliefs, our values, and even our unasked questions that we're afraid to ask.

Anytime you hear a parable it is natural to ask, "What does it mean." Interestingly, Jesus didn't interpret his stories for his readers. (He did once, but even then it was a bit confusing.) He leaves the story hang out there for awhile for us to put ourselves into the story. So, as we read & study a few of Jesus' stories, ask yourself the following questions: 1) Who am I in this story? 2) Who is God in this story? And allow the story to speak to you.