As a new year begins we tend to make some resolutions, some new beginnings, some changes. We set goals for the future, we start working out, we stop bad habits, we start new good habits. We renew commitments. We make new lists of how we're going to be better in the new year.

Many times we need to look into our past as we look into the future. We need to be reminded where we've come from as we set our course on the future. 

In this 2-week series that's just what we're going to do. We're going to take a quick look at where we've been, where we came from, and what our foundations are so we can look to where God is wanting to take us in the future. We're going to look at this next year and set a course for growth - internal growth and external growth - for the next year and a few years to follow.

In week one we look at some biblical principles that we should all be founded on in our personal life. As our life is more and more grounded on these biblical foundations, our church will be more and more grounded on these biblical foundations as well. If our personal lives are not grounded on these biblical principles, our church won't be either. We know that methods are many, principles are few; methods change, principles never do.

In week two we get down to the nitty-gritty and do some of the hard work of setting goals for our journey. We're goign to take the biblical principles from week one and talk about the methods to make them happen. We'll make them happen in our personal life and in the life of our congregation.

God has given us a vision to build lives into the Kingdom of God by living out the life-changing message of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Our mission is to Love God, Love People, and Serve the World.